segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2015

JF: Well, he pissed away a few years of his life playing golf, reading, dallying with another novel and then another novel. And sometimes selling a short story. His life was pretty much fragmented. And then he – at about the time that World War II broke out, he was working for Orson Welles, writing a picture for Orson, with Norman Foster, they were collaborating together. And Orson bought a story from John. And this was scheduled to be filmed immediately that particular Sunday, this was about 1940. And Orson Welles went to Brazil to film another segment of the picture. He was doing a picture called It’s All True, they were four short stories he was going to film, and on this particular night in Brazil when he just arrived, he was standing on the balcony watching some great festivity that goes on in Brazil once a year, like at a carnival, and he stood at the edge of the balcony and peed on the people down below. And he was arrested, thrown in the clink, and ordered out of the country. And that was the end of that particular project."

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