sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2013

"Take another of Raphael's personifications, Poetry [Imagem 1], or better still his ravishing drawing for that figure [Imagem 2]. From one point of view it is a pictorial sign with the obvious and enumerable attributes of the wings, the lyre and the book. But this vision not only signifies Numine afflatur, it also displays or expresses it. The sign limits are blurred. The upturned gaze may still be a conventional sign for inspiration, carried by the tradition of art from ancient times, but the tense beauty of the figure is Raphael's own, and not even he could quite transfer and repeat it, for it may well be that the finished image is a little less convincing as an embodiment of the Divine afflatus though it has an added wreath."

E. Gombrich, Symbolic Images: Studies in the Art of the Renaissance

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