sábado, 18 de fevereiro de 2012

"I think he also wanted to go beyond what he'd been able to do when his own mother died. For example, there was a scene we shot where he... When he buried his own mother, he'd had the urge to open up his grandmother's coffin to see what his mother would look like in 20 years. And he didn't do it. So when we shot the mother's funeral, the character played by Philippe Léotard asked to see his grandmother's vault. He had his grandmother's coffin opened up. It was gruelling for the actors, for Nestor Almendros, for everyone. There was a kind of... trail of powder. People were saying, "Pialat's opened the tomb!" But to be honest, it was something which I completely understand. That desire to see, that curiosity. I wasn't in that shot, I was in a later sequence. I was waiting in this little cemetery. It was very early in the morning. Hubert Deschamps was grumbling. He didn't want to go. Philippe was very reluctant too, but once they'd shot the scene he said, "Come and see. It's beautiful. It's reassuring." In our imaginations it's terrifying. We imagine creepy-crawlies. But it was very beautiful. There were the remains of a skeleton, of dust, of tissue. It wasn't at all frightening. It was actually quite calming. But he cut the scene. We shot a lot of scenes that he didn't include."

Nathalie Baye

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